Mar 31, 2013

April promises to be Fun !

Starting tomorrow, I am trying out something totally new and daring. Something that I have tried only once before and failed miserably while doing it. I wasn't planning to get sucked into doing something like this again but then this lovely lady here posted on FB about it and I made the mistake of telling her how tempting it sounded. So very gently, very unobtrusively, without me noticing at all, she managed to entice me into it. And to ensure that I don’t back out, she went ahead and took the pain of making this FB page to encourage and motivate us ! 

As most of you might have guessed, I am talking about the Blogging from A to Z April challenge where you not only blog every day of the month but blog using the alphabet of the day. So basically you blog on 1st April with a letter A and on 2nd with letter B and so on. 

The main reason why I took up this up was because I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to stretch myself fully in exploring my creative as well as time management skills. For April is going to be busy month with travel planned in the last week and almost all weekends devoted to something or the other. Add to that a busy work schedule. But I badly need the discipline of writing regularly to ensure that my creative skills remain in tip top condition. 

Most of us have started planning well in advance for this challenge by scheduling posts and having brain storming sessions on different themes for different alphabets. And now that I have waxed long enough about the importance of time management and using your writing skills regularly, how much planning have I done for this you might ask. 

Well you see I have a secret card up my sleeve. Something that always works like magic to get my creative juices flowing. And that thing is called last minute panic !

Wish me luck ! 


  1. I love your last minute panic, Ruchira!! :D
    Looking forward to lots of fun reading from you, this April. All the best.
    Cheers :)

  2. Looking forward to do this with you, Ruchira!

  3. All the best and we are all in it to help and motivate each other! Lets get it started! :-)

  4. I am a blog-walker and I'm eagerly waiting for some creation from you. All my FB friend are my teachers and everyday I learn something from them and you are no exception. Thanks for your sacred resolution of today.

  5. All the best to all the brave souls taking it up :).

  6. The post starts with could have done with it na? Good luck.

  7. Oh God! I can never think of doing it. You are very brave. :)
    All the best and hope you win this challenge.

  8. Very inspiring...looking forward to many stories...good luck!

  9. Good Luck, it is a tough task. Looking forward to read ABC :P

  10. So excited about all of us being together in this, Ruchira. I'm guessing we'll sail through. :)

  11. @Shilpa – Looking fwd to reading your posts too ! Good Luck!

    @BlogwatiG – Me too !

    @Naina – yeah it helps when we all help and support each other !

    @Kanti Pal – Thank you! I hope I can carry it through!

    @Rachna – Thank you ! Support us by reading !

    @Janu – Ah.. but I have something else planned for A :p

    @mashedMusings –A few days back I couldn’t think of it too ! But now seems challenging but interesting!

    @whatsinaname – Looking fwd to you reading them !

    @Saru – Thank you ! ABCs have taken on a whole new meaning !

    @Corinne – Am very excited too !

  12. I have chosen to do this on my photo blog :)
    Good luck Ruch.

  13. Wishing u the very very very best! Exciting indeed :)

  14. This post is so me! I had not even heard of this challenged until the late evening of March 31st! Just jumped in without thinking too much else I know I would never have done it. I'm going purely on a day to day basis and waiting to inspiration to strike, lol. A female Calvin in more ways than one. Thank you for the links, did visit Corrine's blog some days ago but did not know of the FB support group! Would love to join in. Great going here!

    Four Leaf Clover



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