Jul 21, 2010

Mood Uplifters ! - Day 1

Preeti of Just a mother of two has a penchant for thinking up very motivating and interesting stuff on her blog. She is doing a 7 days of positivity experiment right now where you are supposed to write 5 things that you are thankful or grateful for every day for a week.
I think Positive thinking is a very important ingredient for a happy life and as I have also mentioned
here, we are really and truly made up of our thoughts and if we think positive, positive things will happen to us.

So here are the 5 things I am thankful/grateful for today :

1) I got three books I have been wanting to read for a long time from a newly opened lending library very close to where I live. Actually you can only take out one book at a time, but the young owner turned out to be a great book lover and we instantly connected – talking about various authors and books for over half an hour. As a result he told me I could take out as many books as I wanted in one go :-)

2) A Phone call from a very dear friend. She has a great ability to make you laugh and see some positivity and humour even in a seemingly hopeless situation. Talking to her was a instant pick me up !

3) Rain glorious rain! It rained like crazy today and yesterday – There is a cool breeze blowing and everything is a fresh emerald green !

4) Pakoras and Chai in the evening– They go hand and hand with the rains (need I say more !)

5) And last but not the least – It is my brothers Birthday today. He lives very far, in Canada but we celebrated his birthday in Delhi by having both Halwa and Kheer (Slurrp!!) I am very very thankful for his love and grateful that God has put such a wonderful person in my life !

There ! that was a great mood uplifter ! Try it, its loads of fun :-)


  1. Happy birthday to your brother!
    Yay to long phone calls!
    Hooray to books! (what titles did u get?)
    And hopefully we will have chai-pakora together soon, you japanese lady ;-) :D

    I felt good reading this!


  2. Happy Birthday to ur brother :)
    Sigh! I soo want some chai-pakoras too :)

  3. @Preeti - Thank you ! looking forward to chai pakoras with you :)

    @swaram- come on over lets have a chai Pakora party !

  4. O that was quite uplifting..and i am missing pakoras now

    First time here - came from Preeti's blog. Am sure i will keep coming back.

  5. @Life begins - Thanks for visiting and welcome ! Pakoras and rain go hand in hand :)



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