Jul 25, 2010

Mood Uplifters! Day 5

In continuation with the positivity experiment,here are my 5 Mood Uplifters for the day !

1) One of my aunts has been staying with us for the last two months and I have truly had the most memorable time with her.She is my fathers' sister, he's got four, but I am extremely close to this one. She has an amazing ability to get along with all age groups and that gets her the Most Popular aunt award from everyone in my generation! But we both share a special affinity that goes beyond the usual aunt – niece relationship. We are like kindred souls. We understand each other perfectly and are comrades in arms in most of my activities especially travelling. I remember how we had gone to Ajanta Ellora with a group of girls we had never met before and how quickly she had become everyone's favourite though they were at least half her age ! She is an incredibly positive person and is always spreading her sunshine around !
I am truly grateful and thankful that god has put her in my life and for the special bond we share. She is going back to Chandigarh tomorrow and she will be sourly missed !

2) I am grateful for my love for languages and my ability to learn them quickly. Someone I met today was very surprised that I know 2 foreign languages and a few Indian ones. Learning languages has always been a passion and it comes very naturally to me. My dream now is to learn Bengali. I think it’s a very sweet language and I would like to read Tagore in the original !

3) I am truly grateful that I discovered the magic of blogging. I love to write and have also got published as a kid. Blogging is a fantastic medium for me to express my creativity. I have also come across some very interesting blogs and made some great friends too ! I now wonder how I managed to live without blogging !

4) A friend pinged me today and told me that she had read two books in three weeks. Now this is one person who never ever reads - something that is a sin in the eyes of a book lover like me ! I have tried hard to get her to enjoy books but without any success
. So the fact that she had started reading made me really happy ! In jest I asked her if I could make this one of my happy points and she said why not ! so here it is !

5) We spent a lot of quality family time together today. We did the usual stuff like sitting around talking and watching a good music show on TV but it was fun. I am always thankful for the time we spend together as a family because most of the time we are scattered in different cities !

So these were the five things that made me happy today! Hope you have a Happy Day too !


  1. Your aunt sure sounds like a fun person!
    I too have a very similar snap of me clicked at ajanta ellora. they're amazing arent they?

    Ruch, i am surpised how much this positivity experiment is working! I never expected it to work this well. i am amazed at how good I feel ever since I started it..I dont know how long it will last though..lets see!

  2. Some ppl has a way with all generations. Looks like your aunt is one like that :) and spending time with family – that the greatest blessings of all..

  3. It's so nice to hv such an aunt :) I share a similar bond with one of my Mom's sis too :)

    2 - Wow! Such a co-incidence. I soo want to learn Bengali too to read the literary works :)

    3- So true! I wonder too!

  4. @Preeti - Yeah this is one spot in Ajanta everybody gets a snap clicked :)
    I know!! its amazing how fast this experiment has spread !! But isnt it great that you have made so many people feel so good about their lives:)
    @Dhanya - I am lucky to have her as my aunt !
    @Swaram - lets learn bengali together.

  5. Very nice!!!!! It just made me feel positive reading this.

  6. @ colours - Thanks colours and welcome to my blog ! I just went through yours and find it very iteresting !



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