Jul 22, 2010

Mood Uplifters ! Day 2

In continuation of yesterdays post, Here are my 5 mood –uplifters for the day :

1)I discovered 2 of my long lost cousins on facebook and it was simply great reconnecting with them and going through their snaps (One lives in Nairobi and the other in California and I haven’t seen them for at least 15 years !)

2)I had written a report in Japanese for our parent company in Japan. Today I got a mail from them appreciating the effort I had put in. They said that my command over the language was incredible (thats the word they used!) and I wrote like a native Japanese! That sure made my day!

3)I have been unwell lately and am not allowed to move about much. (am working from home). My aunt came to visit me today, bringing with her lots of cheer and good wishes. Along with that she also brought a lot of food – sweets,kachoris,dhokla, chocolates, fruits; enough to feed an army! (Yeah she is one those who feel that feeding people till they pop is the only way of showing your love :-))

4)I have a lot of books and they were all piled or stocked rather haphazardly on the book shelves and my desk. I tidied up the shelves and the new arrangement of books look neat and gives me much more space ! I get extremely irritated if my surroundings are cluttered so this felt really good !

5) Today I went to the neighborhood park after ages. I didn’t walk about much but being out in the open after spending such a long time indoors made me absolutely deliriously happy ! It was like flying after being trapped in a cage!

So I have celebrated a lot of little things that have made me happy today. Have you!


  1. OMG--Ruch, we're so alike you and I! I too hate clutter!
    WOW at No.2, you Japanese lady! :)
    Lucky girl for Number 3! Very sweet of your aunt.
    Nice list!


  2. O thats one great list.
    Japanese - that too like native...WOW. I know exactly what u felt by that walk outside in open after being trapped forever. Have experienced the same.

    And take care of health. Hope you get better soon!

  3. Woww! Thatz a bouquet full of joys :)
    So with u on 4. Cleaning up makes u feel so refreshed ;)

    Yay on 2 and 3 - Slurp :P :P

  4. @Preeti - Thanks ! and well great minds think alike. He he he !!

    @Life begins- Thanks for the wishes ! It was great being out especially since I anyways hate staying indoors !

    @Swaram- Actual Clearing up is a pain! But its the good feeling of everything neat and tidy after cleaning that refreshes me :-)



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