Jul 26, 2010

Mood Uplifters Day 6 !

A long time back, I was working with a senior on a stress full and rather difficult (for me) project. As a newbie I was very nervous and looked at the gloomy side of things pretty often. My senior would constantly try to cheer me up and tell me to think of the experience I was gaining rather than how tough it was for me.One day,after he had endured my whining for a long time, he looked up at me and asked `what’s your blood group?` (He knew what my blood group was). `Surely you now that ! Its B +ve `I replied. `So why don’t you BE Positive then! `was his response. Great lesson there and one that I have never forgotten.

Here are my five Mood Uplifters for the Day:

1)I had a lot of 「Me Time」 this morning. No one was at home and I could write, plan, think and work undisturbed. I really cherish whatever moments I get by myself, especially early in the morning.

2)I had a long talk with my mother and discussed something that had been troubling me for a long time. Felt much happier after talking to her.

3) While surfing channels Discovered Chupke Chupke coming somewhere quite by accident. I was thrilled ! Its my all time favourite movie. I can see it again and again without getting bored !

4) Played with a very adorable girl with the beautiful name of Mrinali today. She is all of two years and she’s like a burst of sunshine !

5) Kishore Kumar songs – All day long. Need I say more !

Good Night and whatever your Blood Group may be, always remember to - Be Positive !

(Image courtsey http://www.theeqsite.co.za)


  1. The time with urself is the best mood lifter, and I am glad u sorted things out with ur mom.
    As far as soothing songs go, yup its right on the target :)

    Take care

  2. @Srivats - Aha look whose back !! Welcome back Sri ! Thanks for dropping by !

  3. I love chupke chupke!!

    And i really like your blog too :)

  4. I love chupke chupke!!

    And i really like your blog too :)

  5. @Sucheta - Thanks and welcome to my Blog :)

  6. Me-time, playing with that kid - all gr8 mood-uplifters indeed :)

    I like Chupke Chupke too - clean comedy :)



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