Mar 7, 2011

Cricket Mania ! (NaBloPoMo Post #7)

Eyes fixed ahead,
Tightly clenched hands
You watch it run by run
Ball by ball
Shouting, cheering, jeering,
and snarling
When we mention
your obsessive absurdity
bored, we squirm and fidget
As we curse your affinity
To the game of cricket!

Written for Three word wednesday. (Prompts - Affinity,Mention,Fidget)


  1. I was unsure of where this was going until the end. Fun stuff.

  2. :) Or if we can't change them, we might as well join them in all the shouting, cheering, jeering, and snarling.

  3. @ThomG - Thanks so much for visiting ! yeah India's been taken over by a cricket mania these days !
    @IHM-Yes I guess thats the easy way out :)

  4. ROFL!!! very true.... Cricket does that to people :-)

  5. Hahahaha...couldnt agree more!

    Cricket season is when the angel inside me moves aside and lets the devil in. I dont think i irritate the glued-to-cricket hubby as much any other time of the year :D

  6. @Prats - yes it does and soemtimes I wonder why ! I mean whats the big deal!!
    @alphabetworld - Good for you ! I have very little patience for the cricket crazy Indian !

  7. I too can't bear when people around me keep glued to the cricket...i do watch them, but only when India plays!



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