Mar 11, 2011

of this and that ! (NaBloPoMo Post #11)

I almost gave up on the NaBloPoMo today as I am really not feeling well. I am down with severe bronchitis that has me coughing and wheezing like an old woman. All I have been doing since yeserday is lying in bed, sucking cough drops and catching up on my reading. But a promise is a promise and when I promise to blog everyday, blog every day I will! It’s just that today I really can’t muster up enough energy to think of an interesting topic! So I guess I’ll just ramble on a bit!
I just finished reading Three cups of Tea - an incredible story about a man determination to built schools in improvised regions of Pakistan. Also finished Urban Shots that has some very interesting and well written short stories. Am about to start on Gurcharan Das’ The difficulty of being good. One good thing about being unwell is that one gets time to start reading through that pile of unread books gathering dust on the book shelf ! Off course very disturbing news today is about the earthquake and Tsunami that has hit Northern shore of Japan. Thankfully everyone I know in Japan is safe but watching all the news clippings really shook me up ! But there is no other country in this world that is better prepared for disasters than Japan. Right from building earthquake resistant buildings, to having excellent contingency plans to training and educated their people; they manage to do everything perfectly and with war like precision. They key is Preparedness and that is where Japan truly excels. I have experienced first hand during my visits to Japan how much stress that country lays on safety and disaster Prevention. Today’s earthquake was 8.9 on the Richter scale and yet all the causalities that are being reported are due to the Tsunami and not the earthquake ! Can you imagine what would happen if an earthquake of that magnitude hits any of the Indian cities?
Have a good weekend everyone while I go back to my cough drops and books !


  1. Oh pls take care Ruch!
    So rt abt the books :) I hv nt been able to read since some time, strangely :( and it makes me really sad!

    So true that abt Japan and hope they r nt hurt much by the Tsunami. Hugs!

  2. take care dear.

    i read three cups of tea years ago, truly wonderful human being, that guy!

  3. @swaram - yeah not being able to give time to books is indeed sad !
    @Titaxy - yes a very inspiring story !

  4. Take care Ruchira and I hope you feel better soon :)
    Japan's Tsunami and earthquake are real scary, I am glad all your friends and family are safe there :)
    I am a very slow reader,but I'd like to read the Urban shots sometime :)

  5. I saw ur status message in FB! Take care dear!
    Hope reading books will heal your pain :)
    I once used to be a marathon reader, but now I hardly manage to complete any books!
    yeah..the tsunami news came shocking this morning!

  6. Dear Ruchira,
    Good Morning!
    Hope you are better by now.
    Thanks for mentioning the books.
    Just not the old;the young too cough a lot!No age barrier for any sickeness!
    Let us pray for the people in Japan!
    Wishing you a lovely day,

  7. @vaish - thanks ! Hope you get time to start reading again ! Yes the tsunami is shocking !
    @Anupama - Yes I think they need our prayers ! Its really scary ! I am not that old a woman ! still in my thirties its just that the cough is making me sound like a old woman:)

  8. Take care, Ruch!!

    So true about the connection between sickness ad books! Happens all the time!

    And completely TRUE about Japan's preparedness! Hats off to them, really!

  9. Oh I don't even want to imagine that!!! It rains for a couple of hours and my city Chennai is flooded! God save us all!!
    PS: Hope you're feeling better now.

  10. Hope you are well soon.



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